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#SoCS 4/6/19 & #AtoZChallenge – “F”/”FAB”

      This post is part of both #SoCS 4/6/19 – “FAB” and #AtoZChallenge – “F”

When I was younger and even now at the age of 52 I have loved the FABULOUS FABLES of Aesop. Below is the fable of The Quack Toad. The character in this fable reminds me so much of the current occupant of The White House in the United States. That individual is so adept at telling such fabulously, fabulated way of how they see themselves, our country, our allies and even our enemies. It amazes me that this man is still in office. This individual loves to tell everyone how all of the good things going on in the U.S. are because of him and only him, but yet has never taken responsibility for all of the horrific divisiveness that is taking place in our country!! During his campaign he really sounded like the quack toad with all of his rhetoric about “Make America Great Again” – by the way, Ronald Reagan he is not and Reagan was the first presidential candidate to use that slogan with a whole lot more finesse back in 1979-80!!!

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The Quack Toad Story – Aesop

An old Toad once informed all his neighbors that he was a learned doctor. In fact he could cure anything. The Fox heard the news and hurried to see the Toad. He looked the Toad over very carefully.

“Mr. Toad,” he said, “I’ve been told that you cure anything! But just take a look at yourself, and then try some of your own medicine. If you can cure yourself of that blotchy skin and that rheumatic gait, someone might believe you. Otherwise, I should advise you to try some other profession.”

For your enjoyment if you are not familiar with the Aesop’s Fables I wanted to share a free Google book with you.

Aesop’s Fables: Together with the Life of Aesop – By Aesop


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Late SOCS 3/23/19 – Flo from Progressive

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So you are probably wondering why Flo from Progressive is presented here. Well the last piece of mail that I received was an advertisement sating that I could get car insurance for $79.00 per month.

Car insurance, we all have to have it, it is the law. But how do you determine what company to go with. Obviously we look at what features are included in your coverage, can you pay monthly or is it an every six months billing type of situation? But most of all we want to know how much it is going to cost to insure our four wheeled child.

My Cecilia is a 1995 Ford Taurus with over 188K miles on her. She has bee through the ringer because my brother in laws children have pretty much tore the inside ceiling of the car. She has some dings but, she gets me from paint a to point be for the most part. On Thursday I went to a job fair in the morning and then to an interview later in the afternoon. I was going to take the back roads to the interview but the traffic lights were not working in my favor so at one point I got on the freeway the rest of the way there and made it with 10 minutes to spare. On the way home I did take the back roads and less than three miles from my house, poor Cecilia said she had had enough and so we waited in the parking lot of a funeral home for the tow truck to get us home.

The reason Flo is looking like that in her picture is that I told her, girl $79 per month, I pay $15 less than that with USAA, why in the world would I switch. She was not happy!! I love USAA, I bank with them and now my car insurance is with them and they are fantastic and yes of course my towing is covered up to 11 miles.




#SoCS & #FOWC 3/2/19 – Celerity and the Case for it!!!

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Throughout every one of my chronic relapses my husband, family and friends often tried to make the case  for why I needed to make changes in my live with celerity and to quit dinking and other things if that were the case.

It was not until I decided in the same spirit of celerity that I made the case for me to return to recovery from alcoholism and addiction that I decided again, once and for all to return to face to face meetings and my online video meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous with In The Rooms and Global Steps AA along with getting back to a daily routine of activities that keeps me busy and reminds me that I do not need to drink just for today!!

I know that every day that I do not drink or otherwise is a miracle and I thank God everyday for waking me up. I ask him to help me to remain clean and sober just for the day. At the end of the day I tell him thank you for his assistance in the day!!

Just for today, I will remain clean and sober!!!!

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This post is part of #SoCS and #FOWC for 3/2/19!!

#SoCS Feb. 9/19 -Consciously, Honestly, Totally

Everyone who knows me, through personal interaction, my different social media outlets and of course those of you that follow this blog, knows that I am an open book. Sometimes I am comedic, serious, emotional, and heartfelt. I feel that I write my best when writing consciously, totally and honestly about anything that I’m writing – especially about my ever-continuous journey in recovery and unfortunate relapses over the years.

So why would today be any different? Since September 14, 2016, the day that I turned 50, the struggle has been real. I cannot even count how many times that I have relapsed and entered back into the fray of recovery. I can say the most definitive date was on my 50th birthday when I threw away 2 1/2 years of being clean and sober. After that, although I had already been working with my psychiatrist and my chemical dependency counselor on my bipolar affectation disorder and my depression, I went into an extremely deep depression that cost me a job that I had returned to after almost 2 years of being gone from The University of Texas at San Antonio where I had previously been employed for six years prior to my addiction and alcoholism costing me that job.

Today, I am extremely pleased to say that once again, I have a new true 30 days of being clean and sober. This time is different because my psychiatrist Dr. Cervando Martinez lit a fire up under my butt. I am currently working with Social Security on an appeal, and he told me that if I do not remain clean and sober while remaining compliant with my medications for my depression and bipolar along with my HIV/AIDS meds (for which I’ve been thriving not just surviving for 22 years), then Social Security will continue to deny my application.

You see my concern is that I not only suffer the above, I have also been suffering from chronic pain in both my lumbar and cervical spine for well over eight years. I obviously cannot venture into prescribed painkillers due to my history with addiction and unfortunately over-the-counter medications do not work.

So right now, on today February 9th, 2019 I say to you my followers that “JUST FOR TODAY, I WILL REAMIN CLEAN AND SOBER!!” You see in a Global Steps Alcoholic Anonymous video meeting this morning on InTheRooms.com I heard the greatest thing, a sharer stated as a matter of fact, “I can’t think about more than 30 minutes ahead.” I will say, that I’m not to that extreme, but I cannot think past today. I cannot think about tomorrow, next week, next month or even the next six months to a year. If I begin to look past the nose on my face towards tomorrow or any other time in the future, I truly am consciously, dishonestly and totally setting myself up for failure and relapse.

I can consciously, honestly and totally say that I know for a fact that my husband and four legged children, are constantly better served and loved when I am not drinking or using. I also know that even though I have all these lifelong health issues, I can remain very productive in my house.


I can also consciously, honestly and totally say unequivocally that the love of my husband and our four-legged children Chrissy, Little Bitty (our grandaughter), Zailey, Sadie and Stichy are the best motivators along with my faith and support of my family within the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous and of course my family in the cities League City, SHore Acres, Seabrook and Texas City, Texas and McDonald, Tennessee.


The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Feb. 9/19

Very Late #SoCS February 2, 2019 – Affirm

Disclaimer, this last weekend my niece and her daughter were in town for ther Southern Region Cheer Power Nationals for which my great niece’s team won in three categories including Grand Champion for their division!! 

Merriam-Webster definesAFFIRM as:

  1. a: Validate, confirm or b: to state positively
  2. to assert (something, such as a judgement or devree) as valid or confirmed
  3. to show or express a strong belief in or dedication to (something, such as an important idea)

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One of the easiest but hardest things to do in recovery from alcoholism and addiction to anything is to affirm the positive aspects of who you are. Especially if you have gone into a deep relapse and are back to your old ways. When we are in relapse, we often find that there are no aspects of our lives that are worthy to affirm.

I must disagree with my statement above because the flip side of that is that when we are in relapse, we tend to focus on what we believe are the aspects of who and what we are that is worthy to affirm as a method of denial and rationalization. I was the worst. I would tell my husband yes, I am drinking but I take excellent care of the four-legged babies. They want for nothing. I still attend daily mass and I still am very empathetic to others and show my love and concern. Look, I am still taking care of the four yards that I take care of, so I must not be all that bad. Look how much I do for your mother, I do more for her than even you and her own kids do for her. For the most part, that is a very true statement even now almost 18 years later, whether clean and sober or if I have been in the middle of a relapse!!

Isn’t it so much more gratifying to be able to affirm who we are and what we believe in when we are doing the work for our recovery? For me I am proud to affirm that I am a God Fearing Catholic who truly enjoys attending daily mass and especially our Sunday 8AM mass at St. Cecilia Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas. For one thing my church is directly across the street from our house and I have been a member of this parish for almost 18 years and proud of that. Along with lectoring, I affirm that I love being a part of the 8AM Sunday choir because I truly enjoy singing. Don’t laugh but my four legged children come running to me when I sing at home, especially when I sing Mercy Me’s “I Can Only Imagine”.

I am blessed to affirm that from what I have been told by my Priest Father Edvin and many in our parish that I have a true gift for Lectoring and that I deliver the word of God in a very charismatic and powerful way. I can also affirm that Father Edvin has said multiple times that I do not just read the word of God, but I teach, and I don’t even know that I am teaching.

I affirm that I am an excellent chef and I am known in my little neighborhood for my soups during the winter, my casseroles, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, my pork chops steamed in Dr. Pepper and so many other dishes. I can affirm this because I love to share my food with my neighbors and until recently for 18 years, I have been able to share my cooking with the Sisters of The Holy Spirit that were residing in the St. Cecilia Convent. They moved to another Convent at St. Philip of Jesus about 5 minutes from my house and so I will still be able to share my cooking with them, like I did yesterday because I had made a huge batch of spaghetti and meat sauce.

I also can affirm that my favorite quote from “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett is very true of me whether I am in recovery as I am currently working on my first 30 days in a long time, or if I am in the middle of a horrible relapse – 

“You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

Just for today, I will remain CLEAN AND SOBER!!!!!

That’s what’s in “My Rattled Cage”, thanks for stopping by!!


The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Feb. 2/19